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Think you can’t have a flat tummy after giving birth to 4 children? Think again! This latina proves that you CAN be thin and have a flat tummy!

If you’re not ready for P90x or Turbofire, what should you do? For Dunny, she started with Power 90 and Shakeology instead. After 10 weeks of Power 90, she then moved on to TurboFire!

Dunny is Kate’s good friend and started working out with another good friend Rachel (see her results) after we launched Symbiotic Fitness. We’re SO thrilled with her results!

Dunny is a great example of how to transform your body after 4 children:

  • She wasn’t ready for P90x or Turbofire so she picked an easier program: Power 90
  • After building up her strength and endurance, she switched over to TurboFire
  • She improved her nutrition right from the beginning. She reduced sugars and added quality proteins, carbs and veggies.
  • Dunny got on Shakeology early on and has been on it ever since.
  • Even with her 4 children around, she still got her workouts in.



I’m a stay at home with four precious rug rats that keep me on my toes constantly.  There’s always something to do, somewhere to go and of course someone who needs my attention.  For the past 13 years I have focused on my family without regret.  However, I’ve used them as an excuse to not take better care of myself.  Always too busy to focus on me.  I came to realize that taking the time to give to myself a little TLC by eating right and exercising would make me a better mom, wife and much happier person.  So, with a little encouragement from some great friends (thanks David and Kate), I’ve started working out again.
The old me, would have done what I was use to do; run, run, run, run.  I remember a time when running 3-5 miles a day was the norm and even then I couldn’t manage to get back to my pre-mom weight.  I just told myself, this is part of getting older.  My metabolism has changed and that teenage body (you know the one we all look at in pictures and then wonder, “what happened”) is part of my past.
This time was different.  This time I was determined to succeed.  I started eating right, keeping track of what I ate, drinking Shakeology and working out to an amazing program that gave me results I never thought possible (TurboFire).  No one is more blown away by my results than I am.  I learned it’s never too late to get in the best shape of your life.  Not just dream about the results, make it happen.  All you need are the right tools (healthy food, a good work out program, a coach that keeps you motivated and Shakeology).


Weight: 152 lbs
Size: 10

Weight: 124 lbs

A total of 28.5 inches smaller!

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Check out her Turbo Fire Results video:


Dunny loves her new body and the confidence she has. She’s decided to “Pay it forward” by helping others transform their body! She has joined the Symbiotic Fitness family as a Beachbody coach!

Dunny’s Beachbody Coach Site:

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