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Another amazing P90X success story for our team! Kevin lives in beautiful Hawaii but was spending most days in-doors, playing video games and participating in ‘eating contests’. He didn’t have the energy to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Well, he decided that he HAD enough and got into P90X. You can see from his results already, he’s had a HUGE change in his body.

We love having Kevin on our team because of his enthusiasm and positive attitude. He always contributes something positive to team!

Best of all, he has the energy now to get outdoors and enjoy himself!  He just told me that he is pursuing his dream of learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!  Kevin represents what this team is all about, CHANGING…YOUR…LIFE…!

Read his story below.

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Kevin Phan P90X Results

Kevin Phan P90X Results 3.5 - 4 months total


In his own words:

1. My life before was everything but active or as happy as I am now. I used to just wake up and think about playing games, wait for my friends to call to go get fast food and see how many eating contest I could join.

Now after the changes, I find myself wanting to push harder and better myself. I want to see just how healthy I can get. Now instead of waking up and thinking of playing games, I wake up with the idea of working out and trying to get out, go hiking or now a days wanting to go surfing. Which I would have never done without this.

2. The support of a coach is something I think everyone should look into. Without David and without this team, I would have got up on so many mornings saying the same thing “Eh I can wait another day before working out.” But with the support of a team like this, it gets me pumped seeing how far people can bring it and how people can change and do things they never thought they could!


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