P90X2 Nutrition Guide

This is what we know about the P90X2 Diet Guide

Pre-orders for P90X2 begin on September 1st but I recently attended a webcast with Tony Horton and Steve Edwards and learned a lot about the upcoming P90X2.

They have addressed problems and questions from the original P90X Nutrition Guide, so this should be a big step forward! Remember, the original P90X Nutrition Guide was written about 9 years ago so the P90X2 diet guide represents the latest in nutrition science.

How do Vegans, Vegetarians and Paleo-followers fit with the P90X2 Nutrition Plan

The P90X2 nutrition book comes with 27 different guides (!) to cover the various preferences that are out there. Whether you prefer gluten free, vegan, whatever, it will help you get results.


How does Shakeology and the P90X Recovery Drink fit into a P90X2 Meal Plan

Both Shakeology and P90X Results and Recovery drink came out AFTER the original P90X Nutrition guide was created so neither one was included. This time around, the P90X2 Diet guide incorporates both of them into various meal plans. It’ll show you exactly how to fit them into your day.

As more details are revealed, I will be sure to update this page with them!


Make sure to submit your P90X2 Preorder on September 1st! It’s available to purchase through coaches only (like this website) for a limited period of time!